• LAB FACILITIES (MLT): The department of Medical Lab Technology and agriculture has laboratories that are one of kind & well established. The facilities offered in the laboratories have been increased over the years from the time of establishment of one departments. The Labs are filled with hi-tech equipments. All the Laboratory courses batch are taught well using the equipments. To assist students and help them in their aspirations, highly knowledgeable lab assistants are also present always. The labs in the department cater to the needs of students looking forward to a career in the industry.

  • COMPUTER LAB: Information Technology is unarguably the defining force of this millennium and A & M Group of Institutes is poised to break new grounds as the most e-enabled Business School. The initial focus of being system friendly has now resulted in a virtual flood of e-initiatives. Beginning with the up-graduation of infrastructure like marching towards Wi-Fi campus, supplemented by the introduction of new courses, workshops, seminars, live projects and setting up a centre that aims to facilitate industry-academia interface. The computing resources at A&M Group of Institutes include: latest servers and workstations

  • LIBRARY: “There is no friend as a book”. Ernest Hemingway. Without books like body without a soul.These lines are truly appropriate for college library which is a room without heart andacts the focal from where students accumulate knowledge and information from thewide range of Journals, Magazines and books. The Library constitues 20000 number ofbooks on management, computers, communication, mathematics account and economics.Student come and spend their valuable time and widen the horizon of their knowledge.
  • Reading Halls: The College Library has reading halls with a total seating capacity of 200. It also houses two teachers’ enclosures having collective seating capacity of 200.
  • Property Counter: The Library offers the facility of property counter to its users. Users are required to deposit their Bags (excluding valuable items such as money, passport, credit/debit cards/mobile phones etc.) with the property counter attendant before entering into the library.
  • Special Facilities offered by the Library to the Visually/Physically Challenged Persons: There is a ramp at the entrance of the College Library for the purpose of facilitating the access of physically challenged users in the library. VH and PH users are not required to wait in the queue for issue/return of the books. The Library staff addresses the requirements of all such users on priority basis. There is one computer connected with Lex Scanner (which converts text into voice) and headphone meant for the use of VH students. There is one magazine in Braille format for the use of such users. If required, the Library staff helps visually challenged users by converting their print material into voice material using Lex Scanner provided by the EOC of THE College Library Membership is also provided to the visually challenged students where they are provided with all their reading material both in Braille format as well as audio CDs.
  • Photocopy: The Library provides photocopy facility to its users within the library premises. The users are charged Re. 1/= per photocopy.
  • User Orientation and Awareness: All the newly enrolled students are made aware about the various facilities provided by the College Library every year during Induction/Orientation Programme organized on the very first day of the start of the new academic session. The students are also helped and trained in searching the books in the College Library by the library staff.
  • Assistance in Searching Databases: The staff of Multimedia and e-Resource Lab. assists the users in searching the databases available to the College through  the website of the A&MICT WEBSITE.
  • Download and Printing: These facilities are available to the College fraternity in the Multimedia and e-Resource Lab. inside the College Library. The users can also download documents and other information from the various databases and electronic journals provided to the College through  and even take out prints as per their needs and requirements.
  • Reference: College Library provides access to all reference collections including encyclopedias, yearbooks, dictionaries, directories, competition books etc.
  • New Arrival Display Service: Books newly added to the library are displayed on the New Arrival Display Showcase before they are released for loan.
  • Reservation of Book(s): Books in great demand and which generally remain under issue can be reserved by the user at the Main Counter as well as Reserve Section.
  • Current Awareness Service: The Library provides various important services like Current Awareness Services , Reference Services, information regarding examinations, results, syllabus, etc. on its Facebook page, which may be accessed through the  Library

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